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Explore our research services

Novelty Quest combines and blends traditional academic research with market research and intelligence. There is a distinct logic in having both of these functions collaboratively, because they complement each other in the scientific deduction process. The market research function analyzes current markets to create a greater understanding of how the world is working today as a foundation for theory development for how the markets will function tomorrow. Insights through market analysis composes a backbone for scientifically researching long-term future models.
NQ research services logic
The overarching purpose of our research approach is to create new knowledge that is practically applicable and long-lasting.



Novelty Quest aims to be our partners’ extended research partner, where we can take full responsibility for the entire research process. This includes every step from surveilling public calls for research applications to securing intellectual property rights. We help to specify the research direction, pinpoint preferred outcomes of the project, put together a strong consortium, to locate relevant academic partners, to write applications, to manage the project and/or individual work packages, to write research papers for conferences and journals, to submit final reports, and so on. And we secure that the result is immediately accessible for your gain.



Novelty Quest can also provide applied research right at your premises. At many times there is no need to run a 2-3 year project when there is already a vision of a solutions. In these cases we bring the sharpest researchers to you and go straight for the results. These projects are most commonly not publicly funded, but rather an investment by our partner and much more hands on and delivery oriented. In contract research projects we secure the outcome specification, bring in the research team and take responsibility for the deliverables. Contract project usually have more focus on development than on research, but are always experimental by nature.



To fully understand current markets we continuously monitor market- and technology trends to get the full picture of the world development. We do this both on macro and micro levels. The results of our market intelligence work is presented to our partners with tailored focus and are put forward both as written reports and verbal presentations, because together they manifest the foundation for workshops and exercises to understand how these new trends influence the parter’s environment and how it can be exploited to their advantage. These market analysis workshops often become initiators of new research or development projects.



At Novelty Quest we regularly conduct surveys to analyze market trends and to explore how these trends develop. We continuously revamp and improve our network of business leaders to ensure the highest quality of research and to secure a business-driven approach that originates directly from the market. It is of crucial value to us that all data is, valid, reliable, derived from the market core, and that the representativeness is superior. We also convey ordered surveys that are tailored to specifications provided by our partners, where the results are not published other than to the partner (unless so requested).