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<span>Amplify your business</span> in our key areas

Amplify your business in our key areas

Novelty Quest is a knowledge firm focusing on deep knowledge and state of the art development in its expert fields. Our fundamental belief is that by breaking new ground we will add to the common knowledge base and thus add value to the world. Our key areas are innovation management and digitalization, areas in which we do research, perform applied consulting and teach educational programs.

Innovation management

Innovation management is the field of managing the innovation capabilities of organizations, usually to enhance growth and competitive advantage by more innovative outcomes. In this globalized, competitive world, innovation has become crucial for success, so consequently the best manager of innovation creates the best foundation not only for survival but for competitive growth.
Novelty Quest drives development in the field of innovation management through our knowledge development loop including intelligence, research, consulting services, tools, education and training. We work with the ISO innovation management systems standardization process, we help both medium and large organizations in both the private and public sector to apply innovation management principles to the strategies and operations, we train Chief Innovation Officers to help them lead their processes professionally and we research new emerging developments at the border of innovation practices and ICT.

Our approach
The Novelty Quest model of service design aims to be a non-stop-shop to innovation management fulfillment. We aim to help our partners evolve from the lowest level of innovation management maturity to become innovation management landmarks. Our model start with the “assess, plan, implement” approach where we start by measuring the initial maturity level and then follow leading practices to set strategic direction followed by detailed plans to conduct the transformation. We then regularly re-assess the maturity level to verify the success of the strategy. We also help provide the operational services that are the actual cogs in the machinery of your organization.

We GUARANTEE a major shift in innovation capacity for our partners.



Digitization refers to “the action or process of digitizing; the conversion of analogue data (esp. in later use images, video, and text) into digital form.” Digitalization, by contrast, refers to “the adoption or increase in use of digital or computer technology by an organization, industry, country, etc.”

Novelty Quest conducts research, consulting and training in both digitization and digitalization. The foundation for us is the transformation toward better business through the use of new digital sources.

Our approach
The Novelty Quest approach to digitization is to keep on track with all the latest trends and technology in the field to fully understand current and future business opportunities stemming from ICT and digital technologies. Trend analysis and technological experimentation put together gives us a head start when new technologies arise and new values come in the backwater. As with innovation management we will initially measure your organization’s digital maturity to find in what areas your are lagging. We will then find the sweet spots where you need to improve, whether it is to increase sales through digital marketing, whether it is to streamline workflows with digital support, or whether it is to provide better customer experiences through data analytics or mobile services. A digital strategy will direct our efforts and then we work to improve your digital plethora.

We GUARANTEE a major shift in digital capacity for our partners.