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<span>Novelty Quest</span> Innovation Compass <span>Light</span>

Novelty Quest Innovation Compass Light

What is it?

information_iconThe Novelty Quest Innovation Compass is the light version of our Innovation Compass. As with the full version it is also based on 5+ years of management research and is aligned with the European standard for innovation management assessment CEN/TS 16555-6:2014. The Innovation Compass Light is a self-assessment tool that helps to give you an indication of how well you are performing in terms of innovation management in your organization.

How does it work?

cog-wheelThe Innovation Compass Light is a survey-based tool that lets you respond to how you perform in 20 different key areas of your organization. Compared to the full Innovation Compass you will not get a comprehensive report and no expert analysis describing the details of your organization, but the results of the survey will give you an indication of where you may need to start upgrading your organization to perform better. (It can also be used as an indicator of the necessity of running a full assessment.)

The Innovation Compass Light can also be used to remeasure the organization on a regular basis to track development in key areas.

How can I utilize it?

form_iconJust click the link below and register to get started. Make sure to answer all the questions very carefully. At the end you will get a printable summary that can be utilized as a reference document when presenting the results to your organization.

If you find that you may require a full assessment to come further with your organization, you can contact us at any time for a full Innovation Compass assessment.

How much will it cost?

savingsSince the Innovation Compass Light is a do-it-yourself service with no interaction from our innovation management experts, we provide it to you free of charge! Use it wisely and do not hesitate to spread the word about it.
Note that the Innovation Compass Light is currently only available in English!

Would you realize that much more work is required for a complete approach to innovation management, then please contact us at any time to initiate a dialog regarding our Novelty Quest Consulting Services.