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<span>Measure progress</span> with our assessment services

Measure progress with our assessment services

Assessment services overview

Our assessment portfolio consists of the following products.

up-chart_iconAs mentioned in our overall transformation model, an assessment tool is the first step in transforming an organisation from its current position to a future higher level. The first assessment conducted will set the baseline for improvement. It describes in what areas the organization is performing well and in what areas things are not so good. This forms a foundation for creating a long-term plan for activities to enhance the position to the desired level.
NQ assessment services
The organization should then be reassessed on an annual basis once the transformation has been initiated. The purpose is to track the results of the transformation and the evolution of the organization with concrete measures. Without measuring you cannot know how well you are succeeding.

Product structure

information_iconThe product sequence is such that once the entire organization’s performance is measured and a strategy is in place we will know what the intended portfolio structure looks like and what is expected from certain divisions, units and projects. Without a conformed portfolio strategy it is arduous for the organization to anticipate the envisioned innovation level and direction of individual projects. By measuring the individual personal traits and skills of the people in the organization we can compose teams that collaboratively are the most suitable combination of creative talents to deliver according to the strategic portfolio plan.
Since no organization is stronger than the sum of its parts we can also pinpoint measures and activities to enhance performance where and when required. Novelty Quest provides advanced measurement tools and a reputable process to tailor such development for your specific circumstances.

Measuring innovation performance in medium- to large enterprises.

Novelty Quest’s Innovation Compass is a method and tool founded in six+ years of research. It might be the most exhaustive innovation management assessment for large organizations on the market today. It measures the innovation performance in 19 critical key areas of the organization and estimates them compared to a large set of best practices in innovation management. The Innovation Compass is aligned with the forthcoming ISO standard for Innovation Management Systems and provides the perfect foundation for identifying weak spots and sweet spots in the organization. The Compass process is performed as a combination of top management interviews and employee surveys with the resulting data thoroughly analyzed by our experienced innovation experts giving extraordinarily valuable information. This is provided to you in an elegantly summarized report and as a verbally detailed presentation. The findings are then utilized to detail out areas of improvement for your innovation strategy.

Public sector

public-sector_icon2The Innovation Compass for the public sector is developed specifically for – and in collaboration with – municipalities, authorities and regions. The compass takes into special consideration the characteristics that distinguish public organizations from profit organizations and provides an extensive palette of details to how the organization is performing across all fields.
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globe_iconThe Enterprise version of the Innovation Compass comprises of a comprehensive set of metrics to evaluate corporations’ overall innovation management performance. Through collaboration with, and input from, Novelty Quest’s innovation experts the assessment will then result in a comprehensive report describing the detailed status of the company.
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Measuring general innovation performance in any organization.

The light version of our Compass service is a self-assessment that is a free, online self-measuring tool. It is a slimmed down, light version of the original Novelty Quest Innovation Compass. It does not provide the test-subject with a comprehensive report of current performance, but it does give a proper indication of the current status of the organization in all areas of innovation management and it can be used either to understand in what areas of the organization to conduct further analysis or to get a first glimpse of whether a full Compass assessment is required or not.The Innovation Compass Light comes in two versions, just like the full assessment Compass, with certain variations to distinguish the diverse circumstances for societal organizations and companies. The enterprise version is viable for both enterprises and small companies.

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Measuring innovation performance in small- to medium organizations.
The IMP3rove Innovation Management Assessment is an online assessment tool developed by the European Innovation Management Academy under leadership of A.T. Kearney. The IMP3rove method is a comprehensive approach to measuring performance data, such as the amount of new products released in the last couple of years, how external collaboration functions, etc. It is has wide scope that requires guidance in execution and support in locating and extracting the correct data as input, since good data in delivers valuable information out. Novelty Quest provides an extensive  IMP3rove service that includes coaching our partners through every phase of the operation to assure accurate input, but more importantly to analyze the output and to exhaustively explain how to interpret the results and what measures to take to approach them.

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Measuring personal innovation performance.
The Novelty Quest Creativity Compass helps professionals to define a profile of their creative aptitude. It builds on the work of renowned researchers such as psychiatrist Jung, Briggs Myers and professor Puccio and determines your personality with particular emphasis on your creative inclination. The test is based on a methodology for self-assessment where the respondent is guided through a series of steps to reflect and respond to his/her behavior in certain situations as a ground for understanding the role we play in innovation projects based on our personal approach to innovative thinking. In some phases of innovative development we need ideators, in som we need analysts, and so on. The Compass guides you to your most indigenous role in such contexts to better embrace future work positions.

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Measuring innovation performance in small- to medium organizations.
The Novelty Quest Team Creativity Compass is a method of utilizing personal creativity types to put together specifically applied crews or project teams depending on the unique requirements for that particular group or project. And even further, the Team Compass provides the possibility to modify the team composition for different phases in a project or different subtasks within a working group where there are diversified demands for the outcomes. A professionally assembled team with an optimal mix of relevant creative profiles can deliver like no other. You may be looking for a more ingenuitive composition during the ideation phase and a more delivery-driven team during implementation, so by apprehending the different personalities of your team and matching them with their accumulated skill set you can maximize performance and outcome from your team.

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