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Our business idea – what makes us tick

Novelty Quest is a pure knowledge company. Everything that we do evolves around new knowledge in all available forms, but what we mainly prefer is accurate and perfectly distilled knowledge that contributes to further understanding of new things and that results in new phenomena. To ensure such results, the method of securing the quality (validity and reliability) is extremely important, both in terms of how information is selected as well as how it is interpreted. The better the quality of the data and the process of analyzing it, the better the results. It’s is how this world works…

What we at Novelty Quest do is that we strive to create and structure undiscovered concepts. We then adapt these concepts to certain contexts, and we then summarize and package this new knowledge for new target audiences to understand and absorb. We describe this cycle of knowledge development like this:
NQ business logic


It is our deepest belief that there will always be new grounds to break, thus we are on an eternal Quest for Novelty. We are explorers who yearn to pioneer undiscovered concepts and we are dedicated to the cause. We try to achieve these goals through constant and persistent lateral thinking – always questioning what is and never assuming too much. This way of tenaciously re-inventing every moment of life is what gives us our name Novelty Quest!


Investigating, exploring and scrutinizing is the bomb, but it is only half the pleasure unless you get to experience the value of seeing it coming to action. We simply just love introducing new knowledge to new environments, because it is tremendously valuable to the new environment, but it is simultaneously remarkably beneficial for us as it gives new light to the entered knowledge and thus improves quality further.


Applying knowledge requires the knowledge broker to be highly sophisticated in the topic applied. But to establish new discoveries in society new knowledge must also be disseminated to gain traction. Hence knowledge created during discovery, and enhanced during application, needs to be delicately packaged and spread to the public in practical manners. When new knowledge is disseminated and has become accepted by the general public, a new era is established, which in turn calls for new discoveries.

Working together with Novelty Quest has given us solid and precise expertise in innovation management and we are now transforming our organization to outrun our competitors.

Innovation Strategist at a large Swedish organization


This is what we do, what we love and what gives our lives meaning. So how do we utilize this on a given day?

Our services – what makes us useful

To be able to deliver this fulfilling vision we have been “forced” to structure our activities into a meaningful format where we create knowledge, apply knowledge, refine knowledge and disseminate knowledge together with partners who profit from gaining this knowledge. Consequently we have organized our business according to the following model:
NQ service logic
Through this model we are able to pursue knowledge creation in alignment with the cycle of knowledge development as described above. Let us further explain how we apply this structure.

Novelty Quest Research Services

researchThe knowledge creation part of the development cycle – a.k.a. “Discovery” – consists of two sections divided according to their respective function in the research process. The Intelligence section represents the observation phase of deductive reasoning and maps out the present reality, whereas the Research section represents the rest of the scientific process to propose theory, construct testable hypothesis, study and test the hypothesis, and then to draw conclusions in order to develop new models.

Novelty Quest Intelligence Unit
The Novelty Quest intelligence unit strives to analytically understand and interpret current markets. Here we pursue strategic market intelligence functions to understand reigning market concepts. These are then analyzed for best practices to provide accurate and timely recommendation for our partners.

Novelty Quest Research Unit
research digitalThe Novelty Quest research unit has a long-term strategic innovation agenda with the purpose to develop new models. This is the genuine discovery function. Here we mainly utilize a deductive research approach by creating futuristic models based on the analysis of the intelligence section, then applying them, evaluating them, finetuning them and packaging them based on scientific methodology. The resulting models are – whenever applicable – packaged as consulting services and tools to ensure market availability.

Most research projects are conducted in collaboration with our partners and leading universities and institutes. This way we can ensure scientific quality while ensuring immediate access to results for our partners.

Novelty Quest Consulting Services

consultingThe Novelty Quest consulting unit represent the “apply and refine” step of the knowledge development cycle. Here we utilize the models and tools from the research and intelligence function for direct application with our partners. The bulk of our work is to understand how our partners’ environment works to be able to propose professional recommendations for how our partners can benefit the most from our discoveries. We consider every consulting project an opportunity to learn, refine and improve our models and to enhance delivery.

Novelty Quest focuses on two key fields – innovation management and digitization – and provides services for every step required to implement and maintain a key process with our partners. Novelty Quest supports a model to assess, plan and implement innovation- and digitization processes by measuring current maturity, setting a strategy for a future vision, then defining a concrete implementation plan to transform towards the vision. Novelty Quest then also provides support for the transformation as we deliver a full service battery through a wide network of partners. This service battery is flexible and ensures the most appropriate solution for each partner.

Novelty Quest Educational Services

educationThe Novelty Quest training unit creates educational competence programs to diffuse the knowledge created and refined in the previous steps of the knowledge development cycle. The training programs are developed to enhance the knowledge levels of our partners and to share the results of our research. They combine academic theory with practical experience to deliver ready-to-go competence for every relevant role in our partners’ organizations.


By absorbing the results from the research- and intelligence function our partners can be reassured that our training is founded in both theory and practice and we guarantee that our programs are scientifically valid, thematically accurate, future-proof, market-oriented, and adhere to current and future best practices. Due to the refinement filter of the consulting unit we can also guarantee our programs to be practically validated, directly applicable, hands on and flexible. Due to the collaboration with high profile business schools we can also promise top-of-the-line educational quality integrating theoretical height with practical application.

All of our programs are divided into modules and can be tailored to any competence requirement, from a twenty-minute online tutorial on a specific topic to a two-year vocational program covering all topics. Novelty Quest collaborates with leading business schools and universities both in delivering training programs and to guarantee qualified certification to our partners and students.